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Old Chatham, New York

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The aesthetic ideal, a craftsman creating a home where every detail swells in individualistic pride. Landscape and home become one, indoors flows out and outdoors becomes a part of daily life. Come in down the stone pillared drive, past flowering trees and fenced paddocks. The free formed pond reflects kindly on the forest, field and sky. There's a red barn, the classic Americana. Then you sweep to the house, multi gabled and cedar shingled, set perfectly above to drink in every nuance of the the landscaped view. The entrance is both noun and verb. Stone floored, glass and light filled, a foyer created by the elaborately paneled staircase and changing seat. Step into the kitchen, full gourmet view with flow to the dining room or out to the patio. Slide over to the dining room and the wall of windows displays stone walls and beautiful gardens, fitting tribute to the service. Stroll to the living room, light a fire in the stone fireplace and marvel at the squared glass windows that leave uninterrupted perspective on all things outdoors. Downstairs a family room, with an office alcove, allows an intimate gathering before another fire. Back to the staircase, where each grain of exotic wood traces a pathway of eternal wonderment. The inlays, the patterns formed by intersecting angles, the colors and patinas that glow and fade over time anchor permanent memories of place and time. The master, with corner fireplace, sits cozily before the view. A spiral stair leads to a loft bedroom playfully reminiscent of a treehouse.

$ 930,000.


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